Open Letter

When the envelopes have flown
   The papers have gone missing
   There is reminiscent ink
   On my palm and fingertips
   The bottles on the floor
   Remind me of our drunken days
   And the cheers we made for betterment

Why, why, why - sometimes I’d ask
   Until the questions turned to ellipses
   And they turned to acceptance
   I no longer ask myself
   About asking about you
   Still I raise a glass to you -
   Thank you for the days when we were high


The Phantoms

The voice in your womb
   Is a cataract in the bird’s eye -
   Pay no heed to its flight
   But release it from the webs
   Of reciprocated sighs

Blunt daggers and sharp stones
   Pierce through sad lungs
   There is heaving, weeping
   Prancing on fingertips -
   These majestic whines

Console them in the dark
   Sailing through black of light -
   Fears are getting nearer
   Petals tremble in their place
   With Solitude’s whisper


The ticking resounds
   Floors turn to oceans
   Descending onto comfort
   Distant bells mumble and hum

Wallpapers scratched
   A purring cat hides
   The couch is as warm as fire
   Icicles thaw, crystals descend

Eyes brighter than new stars
   Dart across rooms and back
   Perspiration tastes like salt
   The honest skins kiss the moon


People will hurt you -
   "Maybe they got hurt too"

People are all the same -
   “Maybe there’s something else underneath”

People forget -
  “Maybe they forget, to live”

People punish more than they love -
   “Maybe pain built their defenses”

People always leave -
   “Maybe they’re taking the time to breathe”


Backs to the floor
   Hair all over the place
   Playful fingers dance
   Over holding hands

Sway to the rhythm
   Of the secrets of silence
   Hearts are beating in time
   With harmonious deep breaths

Every morning is my calm
   My bones tremble
   When you’re near -
   We are weightless

Warmth like fire
   Skins like ice
   Let me keep your secrets
   As they shelter mine

It may last for a week
   In between work
   And falling asleep at home -
   Maybe for as long as I can

It may last for several months
   Like the color of my jeans
   Or the expiry date on your chips -
   Maybe for as long as you can

It may last for a year or two
   Yesterdays run in my head
   Tomorrows leave me dazed -
   Maybe for as long as we breathe

It may last longer
   Than we can tell and predict -
   But in every moment shared together
   You became my only permanence



Once upon a time
   There was a girl
   Who kept every secret
   Of everyone in the world

She was safe
   As long as she told nobody
   As long as she would never
   Have a secret of her own

All was well ‘til one day
   When she met a boy   Who lived with no secrets,
   Who lived differently than all

Day by day she watched
   As the boy lived happily
   With nothing to hide,
   Nothing secretive to keep

She felt happy
   For the first time
   But she felt herself fade
   Slowly disappearing

The the girl fell in love
   Then she was nowhere to be found -
   It was a secret for a secret,
   A life for unexpected love


I will tame the hurricanes
   And turn lightning
   Into stars
   That will be our lamps

I will steal the sun
   Off of its blaze
   And set it below your soles
   To keep you warm

I am a little cold
   And a little worn out;
   But hand me your hand -
   Be the life in me

I’ll let you watch
   As I fall apart
   I’m yours to keep
   And you’re mine to breathe


There’s a house outside the storm
   Walls are shaky, but its warm
   There lay broken chairs
   Torn rugs and carpet
   But I feel I belong

I carry the orchestrated rhythms
   Inside my stubborn chest
   My heart speeds up
   Just to slow down
   To the beating of your silence

Build castles and little huts with me
   As we scamper through Earth
   Like excited fingers
   Across piano keys -
   Would you want to disappear?

I feel the calm shade of blue
   But my soul is lit
   With your gentle fires -
   Here let me stay
   With my home that is you


You know me
   More than I could
   Ever know myself

But knowing you
   Made me know
   Who I want to become


My thoughts are as rapid
   As a functioning faucet -
   My filtering system as defunct
   As a clogged sink


Flesh hanging on thin thread
   The cold in my bones shake
   Like bells responding to the wind
   Warmth is myth like the stars


Dropping feathers to the wind
   Wings tired from flight
   The eyes are round
   But filled with sorrow -    It’s okay little bird
   You may have a broken wing
   But your song still resounds



He makes her toes curl -
   She makes his heart dance

He makes her breakfast -
   She is always filled by him

She swings to the beat of his -
   He is the rain to her drought

She is a prisoner -
   He is the every key

They are two strangers;
   The greatest could-have-been

Hands Of Sin

Hands of sin
   Upon lunar white skin
   Flowery cheeks flush -
   The evening rain kisses
   the quiet window pane

Hands of sin
   Cry for stories
   Plead for meaning
   Bruises are beauty -
   The breeze is caressing

Hands of sin
   Cup a porcelain face
   Red-rose lips quiver -
   Sin slips away from hands
   And onto her welcoming mouth