Shed some light
  Upon this room
  The dust and cobwebs
  Have become her dress

The mirror kisses her
  From head to toe
  Poison the hours
  The sleeping beds creak



You stood under the rain
   Drops glimmering like diamonds mocked
   Under the sturdy lamp posts
   I shivered in my place
   A familiar quiver danced on my spine
   I was afraid to see you again
   I witnessed you weep and wither
   As I mourned and broke -
   Your shadows were the same
   Your face resembled the photograph
   But contrary to your beliefs
   Of what is black and white
   Your eyes were of deep gray
   Like a forgotten cave, a sad pit
   Where things decayed to void

I took a step closer
   Reaching out a trembling hand
   You tried to reach over
   But the coldness that prevailed
   Made me take a step back
   I whispered to you,
   “Go back, it’s okay.
   I’m okay,”
   But still you stood in your place
   I felt my skin crawl -
   The rain poured harder
   I shouted a prayer
  "Please take him back!
   Let him be gone
   For he is not Jason!”
   The shadows disappeared
   So did the familiar face -
   I still remember his dead eyes
   And how I knew it was never him



Slow and steady
The shards came crashing
Slipping through cheek
Caressing the throat

The rain descends
Mixing through salt and saliva
Lips quiver and stutter
The night continues to howl

Lamps flicker and sing
To the flashing vehicular lights
Umbrellas dysfunctional
Footsteps lead to the bay

Bat an eyelid, a prayer to the wind
No place is safe and warm
A body plunges onto the gray -
Welcome home

got no wings to fly, just mere feathers. but dip those in ink, I’ll take flight through letters


I grasped the caress of light
   When I drifted and vanished
   In the darkness of chaos

In the cold and wintry selfishness
   It was then when warmth
   Came in the form of a hug

When I broke myself with a man
   I learned that love wasn’t about having
   But giving despite having nothing


Let our hands do the talking
  May all the words take flight
  I can feel myself sinking
  Into your abyss - oh, the white light


Be still, dear child
   There is still a petal left
   Cry not for the winds
   But drink the tears of their gods

Pray not to the unknown
   But to the life in your skin
   Every day is a losing battle
   But you are the living truth

Lie onto the salt of the sea
   Breathe the beginning of time
   Dear, don’t shed a tear
   Live your purpose, lovely stardust


She knew him like the storms -
   Standing out in the rain,
   It was his tears she had worn
   Just to keep him sane

His thick clouds blurred her vision
   He was lost in sheets of dark -
   The scarlet night has won
   She wore the battle’s mark

She closed her eyes tight
   Praying he finds his way home -
   The lights turn bright white
   Her sanity, he mourns


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Your eyes are an ocean,
  Every gaze is a massive wave,
  I drown myself in them -
  For the first time, I’m breathing



Ruthless knees scrape to the sea
   The world melts at your door
   Your feelings are my jungle
   I’ll go but won’t be leaving

Ghosts and reveries
   Become you and me
   Canyons and bonfires to the water
   Twist me into your wandering smokes

I can feel your energy
    On my cold, sleeping shoulders
    The clocks are on skates
    I’m ruthless - move closer, baby


I’m tracing your steps
   By sniffing your scent
   Wind down, just ask -
   Mr. Moon offers a glass

Fantasies like disease
   My lungs burn
   Without your breaths
   Pour me some madness

This soul knows no one
   High above, we fly
   There’s the golden gates!
   Let’s slip in and out


May I, Alfie?

May I chase you, Alfie
   As we find the creature
   Hidden by our televisions
   These caskets make us panic
   I want to feel better

I’m losing my mind, Alfie
   The love I gave turns to fears
   Every night has bleached me
   From loneliness to numb
   But baby, I want to be better

You were broke, Alfie
   My sharp edges made you bleed
   It sent you to the ceilings
   I’m a stranger, but not permanent   I want to get better

Let’s sleep at the back of a cab
   Until the nights welcome the sun
   Pocket every candle and light
   I’m at my best with you
   Let’s beat better together, Alfie


He had power over strings
   As if music was how he spoke
   I had a certain tune in my head
   But I couldn’t pronounce a note

His fingers glided to and fro
   My eyes darted like so
   I wanted to sing a lyric or two
   But my mind was moot

I approached a little closer
   As I watched him play
   He paused for a while
   Wondering what I was going to say

I kissed his cheek and backed away
  Turning red, he asked why
   I said, "Your gaze was my song
  Thank you, please continue to play”


When I’m with him
   I lose myself -
   In our togetherness
   And shivering chains,
   We are selfless in this love,
   Letting love do all the giving