Clockwork Dream

A violinistic melody finds me,
It speaks and trickles down my spine
As your touch feels the scars
Upon my hurting yet healing skin
Like a light that led to me a place
That enveloped me in peace
And tranquility like never before

The reverberations of what was meant
Calmly explain the strength
In this encounter that keeps me
Walking through and through,
Like faith that wraps itself
Around my tired, quivering soul
I am enamored to the verses
Of your purpose and hue;
You are my unexpected everything

It’s a little better than this
How it all measures up
Like a mountain of thoughts
Lavishly washing away my pain
As it gives me a thousand breaths
To exhale upon your blushing surface 

My heart is still, you’ve stolen me;
Taking in every gentle brush
Of the fire that burns from your love
Leaving the shores that kept me far
I will venture to the oceans
That welcome me with open arms
Succumbing to the innocence
Of the volcanic tides
That are ready to wash us away

Be still my love, keep that stare
Upon me, my skin and our silence;
I am anchored to you
With all that I am, with all that there is
To stand here with you by me,
Tell me my love, agree with me
There isn’t any other place I’d rather be

With your whispers etched on my skin,
Unmoving, with a silent heart racing
It can’t get any better than this¬†